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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Republicans have no souls

Oh look, here's one of those soulless now: Miss USA Kara McCullough thinks unemployed shouldn’t have health care. She's right in step with Congress and Trump ...

Republicans plan massive cuts to programs for the poor

House Republicans just voted to slash hundreds of billions of dollars in health care for the poor as part of their Obamacare replacement. Now, they’re weighing a plan to take the scalpel to programs that provide meals to needy kids and housing and education assistance for low-income families ....

Under enormous internal pressure to quickly balance the budget, Republicans are considering slashing more than $400 billion in spending through a process to evade Democratic filibusters in the Senate, multiple sources told POLITICO.

The proposal, which would be part of the House Budget Committee's fiscal 2018 budget, won't specify which programs would get the ax; instead it will instruct committees to figure out what to cut to reach the savings. But among the programs most likely on the chopping block, the sources say, are food stamps, welfare, income assistance for the disabled and perhaps even veterans benefits ....

More: These are all the people the Republican health care bill will hurt


Blogger Stanley Kopacz said...

Regarding Ms. McCullough's comments, I really wish that people like this would express their beliefs by having a symbol, perhaps a dollar sign, tattooed on their forehead. That way, if I find one of them in distress and in need of help, I'll know to pull out my cell phone and record a negotiated contract. Sure, you've slid of a cliff and are stranded on a ledge. I'll be glad to drop a rope if you pay me $10,000.

7:53 AM  

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